Colorado film maker and Emmy nominated Documentarian Wayne Ewing takes an intimate look at Dr. Hunter S. Thompson in life and death with his trilogy of films, Breakfast With Hunter, When I Die, and now Free Lisl: Fear and Loathing in DenverRead Reviews of Wayne Ewing's Acclaimed Verite Documentary's on the King of Gonzo Himself, Hunter S. ThompsonTrack festival appearances of Free Lisl featuring Hunter S. Thompson, Warren Zevon and others in Wayne Ewing's final film of his Gonzo trilogy documenting the life and death of outlaw journalist HSTThe Gonzo Board is the best place on the internet to discuss all issues related to the life and work of Dr. Hunter S. ThompsonWayne Ewing has directed many documentaries other than those chronicling gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, two of those documentaries are Benched and the Last Campaign
Dr. Audrey Sprenger, Sociology Professor # 1 (3:45)
Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72 as a classic sociological text that resonates with students